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Mass Tank is a team committed to achieving continuous growth by providing quality products and services with integrity and value which met our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Mass Tank is comprised of engineers, customer service professionals and manufacturing experts who are committed to producing Above and Underground Storage Tanks and Custom Fabrication.

Our confidence in guaranteeing our valued customers the highest quality products and services is derived from:

  • Employing the best people
    Mass Tank has a core group of employees that have an average of over 25 years experience in the tank manufacturing industry. The loyalty and pride our employees impart into Mass Tank makes us an industry leader in tank manufacturing.
  • Utilizing better materials
    Mass Tank does not compromise – we do not construct tanks with lighter gauge steel or inferior components.
  • Taking advantage of the latest technologies
    Mass Tank utilizes the latest welding technology and combines this with the traditional art of welding to produce the highest quality tanks possible.
  • Environment
    Our company is highly distinguished by operating in a manner which protects the environment, supports human rights, is socially responsible and benefits the communities where we work.

Please contact us via email or 508.947.8826 to discuss the particulars of your project and how Mass Tank can assist in the process.


“We developed a great partnership with Mass Tank and their attention to details in supplying us tanks has benefited us greatly with our customers. We will not buy tanks from anyone else. ”

– Eastern US Tank Distributor

“Mass Tank is always responsive to our needs and provides quotes and solutions almost immediately. Someone actually answers the phone and very often it is the President of the company!”

– Water Operator

“I chose Mass Tank because I simply could not find anyone else to inspect, repair, certify and replace all my tank and piping needs.”

– Large Pharmaceutical Company

“Mass Tank has more certifications than anyone I know and worked safely and professionally on our military base. Not only do they have a stellar safety record but also delivered project on time and added value to save the government future costs.”

– US Army Corp of Engineers