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Oil Water Seperators

Oil Water Seperators – holding tanks with pump out. A variance supported by the government to reduce the need for costly OWS installation, but instead can leverage a holding tank with pump out for a more cost effective way to meet the OWS regulations. Mass Tank can support you with configuring the tank and required pump out setup.

Massachusetts has introduced a variance in oil water separator requirements. The variance is focused on facilities that do not perform vehicle maintenance but are required to have an oil water separator. This variance allows a sump, with a pump, plumbed into an AST. The AST can then be pumped out when full.

This variance is a much more affordable alternative to a complete oil water separator installation and a great pathway to ensure compliance with local and state regulations. Businesses that do not comply with the oil water separator requirements in Massachusetts can be subject to fines. If you are a business owner in Massachusetts, you should contact a qualified tank inspector to review your requirements and discuss what system is right for your application.

In addition to protecting the environment, oil water separating systems can also help to prevent costly clogs in pipes and wastewater treatment systems. They can also help to extend the life of wastewater treatment equipment.