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Regulatory & Compliance

Government and commercial storage tanks must meet a number of local, state, and federal regulations to operate safely and legally. Read the following case study to see how Mass Tank provides “start to finish” solutions, specializing in building compliant government and commercial tanks.

The Problem

Complying with tank inspection, permitting, and management requirements varies depending on location and the local, state, and federal regulations that govern the tank application. Specific requirements are based on factors such as the specific type of tank, its size, materials stored, and location of the facility.

Common regulations associated with tanks include:

  • Design and construction standards
  • Spill prevention and control (SPPC)
  • Registration and permitting
  • Environmental regulations
  • Inspections and testing
  • Tank safety measures
  • Record keeping
  • Reporting and notification
  • Closure and decommissioning
  • Periodic tank testing

Before a tank can be operational, it must comply with all applicable requirements. Because of the complexity of these standards, Mass Tank can help customers design, build, test, inspect, maintain, and repair all aspects of the storage tank according to the regulatory standards that apply to them. Mass Tank recently helped a national laboratory fabricate a tank that had very specific standards and was intended for use in an experiment.

The Solution

Mass Tank helped the customer design, build, test, and inspect their tank according to the complex engineering standards of the scientific experiment the tank was to be used in. We worked with various technical specialists and professionals to ensure the timely resolution of compliance issues. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the tank fabrication industry, we were able to deliver a custom vessel for experimental use, meeting the customer’s expectations.

The Results

The customer was satisfied with our work. In fact, all the government and commercial clients we work with have responded with positive feedback, evidenced by our five-star reviews on Google. Our loyal customers also refer us to other organizations. Overseeing all aspects of Mass Tank’s products and services, our quality team makes sure we meet the highest standards and procedures set forth in our quality management policy.

Turnkey Tank Services From Mass Tank

At Mass Tank, we employ the best people, use high-quality materials, and take advantage of the latest technologies to deliver the best quality services and products. Our company is comprised of engineers, customer service professionals, and manufacturing experts who work together to produce standard and custom above-ground and underground storage tanks. As an organization, we are committed to achieving continuous growth with integrity and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Located in Middleboro, MA, Mass Tank is strategically located to afford our delivery team easy access to U.S. highway interstates and shipping ports for our international clients. Request a quote to get started with your tank solution.