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US Government (Military, VA, State & Local)

Military Tank Inspection

Mass Tank Inspection & Services (MTIS) inspects over 500 aboveground and underground storage tanks at major northeast naval bases. Monthly inspections involve annual line-leak testing and tightness testing of underground storage tanks and interstitial testing of secondary containment tanks to determine if there is leakage. Testing of the cathodic protection systems on tanks, quay walls and piers is also conducted in order to prevent corrosion damage to infrastructure assets and to ensure regulatory compliance. Our field team uses a tablet-based, record-keeping platform to document all of our activities and accumulate test data.

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Tank Inspection for a Naval Base - Project Highlights

Tank TypesAboveground


Number of Tanks500
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesTightness testing
Line-leak testing
Interstitial testing
Cathodic protection testing – on tanks, quay walls & piers
Additional ServicesMonthly & Annual regulatory compliance testing
Consultation – MTIS provides ideas & solutions to save the Navy on costs
Tank & Piping modification, repair and replacement