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Myers Waste Oil Systems

Myers waste oil systems have long provided easy, fail-safe storage of new or spent oil and solvents you aren’t yet prepared to dispose of. Some Myers tanks are also robust enough to withstand the rigors of heavy industries and applications. By emphasizing ease of use and improved organization, our Myers waste oil systems effectively prevent contamination of the storage tank contents and work site.

Myers Waste Systems Explained

Myers systems use two integrated tanks and a series of vents, funnels, pumps, and other important components to safely contain oils and solvents.

Standard, medium, and heavy-duty Myers tanks are available, each capable of withstanding greater amounts of damage. Another option is the remote pump station, which provides safe and remote access to the waste system tank, in conjunction with the pick-up wand.

At Mass Tank,, customers can choose a fully integrated tank, funnel, and pump combo, or buy each part separately. There are also several add-on components and features available.

Myers Waste Systems Benefits

Myers Waste System tanks provide dependable, leak-free storage for years, thanks to numerous design features, which include the following:

  • UL 142: Our tanks are UL 142 listed, meaning they meet compliance standards for aboveground steel tanks capable of storing flammable or combustible substances.
  • 110% Containment: 110% containment means the secondary tank provides an overflow area of up to 10% of the primary tank’s capacity.
  • Interstitial Leak Detection: Leak detection monitors the space between the tank’s inner and outer walls for leaks.
  • Conical Roof and Floor: The conical top and bottom surfaces deflect rainwater, keeping water from entering the containment area.
  • Removable Suction Tube in Lockable Funnel: By locking the funnel in place, it’s easy to transfer oil cleanly and safely with the removable suction tube. An integrated 6″ x 6″ funnel screen is also removable from the seven-gallon, 14″ x 22″ funnel.
  • Funnel Lip Lift: Suitable for raised heights up to 39 inches.
  • Primary and Emergency Vent: A pair of primary and emergency vents automatically prevent internal pressure and vacuum issues, which can alter oil compounds.
  • Epoxy finish: Myers waste systems offer superior corrosion resistance, due to an epoxy coating with a 5-mil dry film thickness.
  • Lifting Lugs: Lifting lugs are an important user-friendly design feature, allowing crews to more quickly handle and install the Myers tank.

Myers Waste Systems Applications

Some of the largest industries that depend on Myers oil waste solutions from Mass Tank include the following:

  • Marine: Myers tanks are capable of withstanding marine climates with minimal change in function, making them perfect for ships or ports.
  • Industrial: Various industrial and manufacturing processes create waste oil as a byproduct, and they depend on Myers tanks to safely contain their waste products in a high-traffic industrial site.
  • Military: Military installations also depend on waste oil storage, as well as oil dispensing from a fixed location. Myers systems ­fulfill both of these roles, and heavy-duty systems are designed for maximum impact resistance.

Myers Waste Systems From Mass Tank.

Myers Tanks has served the liquid waste storage and dispensing needs of numerous military, marine, and industrial facilities for decades. At Mass Tank., we’re committed to service and quality, and we provide customers with numerous value-added services to maximize efficiency.

We also offer more useful add-on components and features than our competitors, ensuring your tank is as easy to use as it is sanitary. To learn more about our Myers waste oil systems and other tank storage solutions, contact us or request a quote.