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Chemical & Processing Industry

Chemical Tank Inspection Facility

Mass Tank Inspection & Services (MTIS) has been the engineer on record for the inspection of over 600 tanks for a leading chemical manufacturer in Massachusetts. As one of the largest oleo-chemical producers in North America, this customer manufactures a product line that includes many different types of fatty acids. Their processing equipment incorporates tanks in the 1,000-gallon to 1.5 million gallon range including pressure vessels and atmospheric tanks.

Our detailed inspections incorporate engineering evaluation, visual assessment, and non-destructive testing. With a comprehensive test portfolio that includes ultrasonic thickness testing, dye-penetrant inspection, x-ray testing, radiography, and more, we certify vessels that are fit for service or identify where repairs are needed for compliance with industry standards.

Among our most challenging tasks, we refurbished a 110’ long stripper column weighing 60,000 lbs. and obtained ASME certification for all of the repair work before returning the vessel to service. Another large project involved installing a shell ring to increase a tank’s capacity by 10,000 gallons while keeping downtime to a minimum. In addition to inspections, MTIS performs cleanouts, applies coatings, and makes all necessary repairs.

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Chemical Manufacturer Tank Inspection - Project Highlights

Project Name & DescriptionLarge scale tank inspection
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesUltrasonic testing

Dye-penetrant testing
Field fabrication
X-ray testing to test welds
Insulation inspection for outside tanks
Number of Tanks600
Minimum Tank Size1,000 gallons
Maximum Tank Size1,500,000 gallons
Standards MetAPI-650 Standards

UL Standards