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Verizon Chilled Water Tank Case Study

The Problem

In a previous project, a client came to Mass Tank needing a chilled water tank for a facility that supports data processing. The customer’s site was already constructed, which meant bringing in a shop-built tank wasn’t an option. Their team consulted with Mass Tank to figure out a way to bring pieces of the tank into their facility to fabricate on-site.

Fabricating tanks in the field presents many challenges. It’s not only challenging to physically assemble the tank on-site, but the components must also be engineered in a way that ensures they fit being carried into the facility. For this particular project, it was even more of a challenge, as it was a rectangular tank that needed to be fabricated from the top down. As such, our team had to construct a gantry around the tank to hold it up while it was welded together.

The overall specifications of the tank were as follows:

  • Overall Part Dimensions: 7′ W x 8′ H x 13′ L
  • Volume: 4,700 gallons
  • Material Used: Carbon Steel (painted)
  • Material Finish: Epoxy Coating (internal & external)
  • Industry for Use: Telecommunications – chilled water for data processing
  • Standards Met: Fabricated to UL 142 standards

The Solution

This customer chose to work with Mass Tank because we are one of the only companies capable of tank fabrication in the field. Through a consultative approach, we worked with their team to determine how to bring pieces of the tank into the facility to fabricate on-site. This job required thorough engineering and fabrication collaboration to ensure each tank component was properly prepared in the shop and ready for on-site installation.

Due to the nature of the tank and its complex requirements, this project required extensive rigging and movement. We also had to fabricate an entire structure capable of supporting the steel during fabrication, which required additional time and engineering. Taking on this project illustrates Mass Tank’s ability to solve challenging problems to meet the needs of our customers.

The Results

Our expert fabrication team, on-site contractors, and coating specialists collaborated with the customer to successfully complete the project on schedule. Upon completion, the client was very pleased with the end product.

This type of work is incredibly complex to complete, and the team at Mass Tank is proud to provide customers with field fabrication for many types of tanks. This specific example demonstrates how we can take our customer’s unique problems and collaborate with them to come up with the ideal solution. Our extensive field fabrication experience allows us to support a wide range of tank types, sizes, and configurations.

To work with Mass Tank on your next challenging tank project, contact us or request a quote today.