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Tank Rentals

Tank Rentals

MASS TANK offers tank rentals for a variety of situations including planned events, new development projects and emergencies. Our rental tanks vary in types and  shapes,  and they range in size from 250 – 25,000 gallons. They are outfitted with the required vents and alarms specific to their usage and are delivered to the site. Permitting and pipe connections can also be included. No project is too big or too small and safety is always our first priority.

Our Customers’ Temporary Tank Needs

  • New Construction – Multiple 5,000-gallon temporary tanks reside on a new construction site. These tanks provide gasoline, diesel and fuel for vehicles and generators to various contractors working on the project. They also provide enough fuel containment to power the entire construction site.
  • Sporting Events – Our rental tanks contain fuel for generators which keep the event tents up and running with all of their power needs. Our tanks safely store fuels, chemicals, and water for drinking and fire suppression.
  • Non-Compliance – Temporary tanks are holding down the fort for many companies whose tanks have experienced non-compliance issues and need to be taken offline. These rental tanks are installed and do the job while repairs, upgrades or new installations are taking place.
  • Emergencies – Hurricane Sandy left thousands of tanks submerged in water and inoperable. MASS TANK supplied temporary tanks to customers pending re-construction, repair or installation of new equipment.

Customers We Serve

Our support is far reaching. We are able to accommodate any size commercial and government properties. This includes states and municipalities, medical and educational facilities, marinas and shipping ports. We also supply the department of transportation locations including rail stations and airports. Having governmental Top-Secret-Clearance, MASS TANK’s expert technicians can service any project at any location.

Emergency and Disaster Service 24/7

With 24-hour emergency service, quality materials and highly certified technicians, MASS TANK is readily available to assist in any situation. Whether it’s a leaking tank, the need to off-load fuel, taking a tank off-line or bringing it back up again, our ability to provide solutions allows our customers to have continued and  uninterrupted operations. Our larger rental tanks maximize generator run times with fewer fuel refills.  Our “tried and true” solutions supporting critical operations are included in many disaster recovery plans.

Expert Installers

Our setup installers are expert technicians and highly certified and licensed tank inspectors. Our experience includes manufacturing,  permitting, mobilization, installation, retrofitting and decommissioning.  Check out our staff’s exceptional list of certifications and licenses.

Safety First

MASS TANK is proud to have earned Steel Tank Institute’s Award of Excellence Recognizing Zero OSHA Recordable Incidents, STI’s Quality Award and STI-SPFA’s Safety Award. We care about the well-being of our employees, our customers and the environment and make all necessary arrangements in our planning to assure the highest level of safety for all.

Trusted Partner

100 years of on-time, manufacturing and servicing tanks makes us an industry leader. Our controls assure quality and excellence in meeting or exceeding industry standards. Clients can rest assured knowing they are working with a trusted partner with longstanding experience. Mass Tank has seen it all and offers expert guidance and direction in any scenario throughout the country.

For a free quote call MASS TANK at 508-923-3445 or email We welcome discussions regarding any of your temporary tank needs. For more information, please visit our website at